A guide to free wi-fi hotspots in Brixton – locations, updates, tips

Free wi-fi in Brixton - locations, updates, tips

Getting connected to free wi-fi used to be quite a challenge around Brixton, but with loads more businesses offering free hotspots, you’re rarely far from a freebie network.

我们列出了我们周围发现的地方SW9 and SW2 currently offering free wi-fi, but if we’ve missed any, please add the details in the comments box below orpost on the urban75 thread, and we’ll update the guide.

Free wi-fi in Brixton - locations, updates, tips

The biggest providers around town areThe Cloudand theBT Wi-Finetworks, who manage to cover most of central Brixton.

We tend to use The Cloud quite a lot as it’s free and widely available. It costs nothing to sign up to their service and after that you can connect wherever you find their signal.

Free wi-fi in Brixton - locations, updates, tips

BT can be found all over town too, but unless you have a broadband/mobile account with them, you’ll have to pay access fees.

Click here for more info about BT’s pricing, which starts at £5.99 for 90 mins up to £39 for 30 days.

Central Brixton

Brixton Library
Brixton Oval SW2 1JQ
Free wi-fi available –more info here.

Brixton tube station/underground
The freebie wi-fi deal from Virgin Media ran out in Jan 2013, so if you want a free connection you need to be a customer of EE, Vodafone, Three or Virgin – or you’ll have to shell out £2/day, £5/week or £15/month – but this will give you access to all the wi-fi enabled tue stations across the London Underground network.Read more here.

Other Brixton wi-fi hotspots

Brixton Road
Free wi-fi accessvia the all-conquering Cloud network.

Café Le Euro
Unit 1, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road, Brixton SW2 1BZ
Free wi-fi

Caffe Nero
Upstairs at Morleys, Brixton Road SW9
Free and reliable connection via The Cloud, log in required before use
Power sockets: yes

Brixton Road (opposite tube station)
Free wi-fi available

Coldharbour Lane, SW9
Free connection via The Cloud, log in required before use

68 Atlantic Rd London SW9 8PY
Free wi-fi available, reliable connection
Power sockets: yes

Corner of Coldharbour Lane and Brixton Road
Free wi-fi via the Cloud.

Atlantic Road SW9
Free and reliable, ask for password from counter
Power sockets: yes

Market House
Coldharbour Lane SW9
Free wi-fi available.

布里克斯顿路,junction of Acre Lane.
Free wi-fi with O2.

Prince Albert
418 Coldharbour Lane SW9
Free and generally reliable. Free access via The Cloud
Power sockets: yes

The Lambeth/Prince Of Wales,
469 Brixton Road (corner of Coldharbour Lane)
Bar purchase needed for 45 mins free access
Power sockets: yes

Ritzy Cafe Bar
Brixton Oval SW2
Free, but flaky at times, no password needed.
Power sockets: none

San Marino
413 Brixton Road, SW9 7DG
Free wi-fi

By Brixton tube station
Free while you drink deeply average coffee

Trinity Arms
45, Trinity Square, SW9 8DR


Brixton Village/Granville Arcade

We haven’t found any reliable free wi-fi covering all of the Village, with wi-fi networks coming and going like the froth on a Federation cappuccino on a windy day.

Several units do offer free wi-fi though, so your best bet is to ask before settling down. We’ve usually managed to hook up to an open network, but not always successfully.

Market Row

It’s much the same story in Market Row, although we know that both Seven and the Breadroom have free wi-fi. As ever, it’s best to ask around before settling down with a coffee and a pile of online work to be getting on with.

Out of central Brixton

There’s too many locations to list, but our favourites areThe Grosvenor, Sidney Street SW9 (free wifi, but you need to ask for the password), theWindmill(ditto) on Bleinheim Gardens, and you can also find free wi-fi atNegrilland theWhite Horseon Brixton Hill, at Cafe Le Euro (Unit 1, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road, SW2 1BZ) and free Cloud wi-fi at theElm Park Tavern, SW2 2UB.

If you like to surf while enjoying some of the finest ales in Brixton, theCrown & Anchoron Brixton Road also has free wi-fi, but you have to ask behind the bar for the all-important password.

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