Lambeth Cyclists鼓励当地人加入他们的第一个羔羊花卉乘坐今年的Lambeth乡村秀


The streets of south London are set to be awash with colour next month asLambeth Cyclists和伦理会议会举办两个花卉骑行踏上今年的踏板Lambeth Country Showbetween 11.30am and 1pm on Sunday 17th July.


一个骑行将从11.30AM的Waterloo中的较低沼泽中出发,并通过Kennington,Brixton的Myatt领域和Loughborough交叉路口,在Brockwell Park免费年度展会上。

第二次骑行将从Rokery咖啡馆开始于STRATHAM普通和循环,通过West Norwood和Rosendale Road,West Dulwich和Herne Hill。


夏娃ryone is invited to join in and cyclists are encouraged to decorate their bikes with flowers. It is hoped that local companies, gardeners, flower arrangers, makers, artists, cyclists and school will get involved in the summer cycling spectacular.

Lambeth Country Show captured in stunning photos

欢迎家庭参加骑行,由伦敦最大的周期培训公司的自行车教练联系并编组循环自信那based at Oval.


Wheels for Wellbeing那the Brixton based inclusive cycling charity, is helping out too and their Community Engagement Officer, Abigail Tripp, says…

“这个事件已经计划访问to all, including disabled and older residents. The route is step-free throughout and we will have tandems (and pilots if needed), hand cycles, side by side companion cycles, tricycles and more available at the start points for those who have reserved one. If you are a disabled person and want to borrow a cycle please book ahead so we can be sure to bring the right cycle. Contact那Text 07588 50 26 15 or phone 020 7346 8482”


This year’s Lambeth Counbtry Show takes place on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July in Brockwell Park. The floral rides take place on Sunday 17th July.

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